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Kimberly Y. Lewis

Kimberly Y. Lewis

Kimberly Y. Lewis empowers executive nurse leaders and their organizations to boost their leadership so they can LEAD successfully.


$1,000 - $5,000


Personal and Professional Development, Productivity, Customer Service and Leadership


Corporate Executives, Healthcare Leaders, Education

Hello, my name is Kimberly Y. Lewis. I sm just this big-hearted African American female from the Northside of Bessemer. Who has been chosen, an introvert and given this extroverted mission. I was born in Alabama, in the 70,s and raised by my village- single mom and maternal and paternal grandparents - I can truthfully say that I was surrounded by a spirit of love peace and soul. But I am from the dirty south and you don’t have to be Rosa Parks to know that as a African American female in the south the resilience need to move forward. I have served in the healthcare industry for 29 years and it all began humbly as a cna in the nursing home. I grew up there!! From cna to Director and all clinical positions in between. I have my BSN and a wealth of knowledge and experiences on the longterm care industry. Serving as a consultant for compliance reviews and regulatory audits. My goal is to close the sinkhole that has swallowed up your desire to be change agents, advocates and transformers of industry culture. To help you LEAD to succeed.

I serve emerging and developing executive nurse leaders and the organizations that employ them,, to provide support as they transition to becoming the lead nurse and building strong, resilient leadership individuals and teams , through individual and group executive coaching in leadership development I help them to become the leader a.e.b. Improved confidence, delegation strategies, team building strategies, conflict resolution, performance improvement - building relationships and personal and professional growth.

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