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When you try to brand your business, you fall into a sea of sameness; you become a differentiating force when you brand yourself.

How to Brand Yourself Like A Leader is a 45- minute presentation about recovering from setbacks and obstacles by leaning into who you are, not what you do. During this presentation, Shaan outlines his journey through the prerequisite principles of success that led to becoming a 7-figure earner at the height of the Global Pandemic.


After graduating from The Game Changers Speaker's Program (ETA), certified by Dr. Eric Thomas (the #1 motivational speaker in the world), Shaan was en route to superstardom in the speaking industry; but life had other plans. 


Like many, Shaan lost years of sweat equity and over $100K in contracted revenue. The speaking opportunities dried up, but Shaan's message of hope and resiliency was as crucial as ever. Shaan successfully took his message to market using various online mediums. His work during this time solidified him as an authoritative voice in personal

branding and leadership development. Not satisfied with just motivating the masses, Shaan used his expertise to create various programs and online communities to support leaders on their journey; Shaan trademarked his evidence-based approach to brand development with a signature program, Branded Like A Leader. 


Shaan condenses the principles of his flagship branding and positioning framework during this presentation. In the first segment, attendees will learn about the success principles and the power of personal branding. Next, Shaan will discuss leveraging leadership, influence, and persuasion for entrepreneurs and professionals.

Lastly, attendees will immediately walk away with actionable steps to launch or improve their personal brands. These steps will position them for greater opportunities, income, and influence as we emerge from the pandemic and enter into the new economy. 



Masonia Traylor

Shaan Rais is not afraid to overdeliver. He is not afraid to give you the secret sauce. He is not afraid to give you the strategy to help you succeed and also to help you execute.


Shadonica Williams

The level of growth, accountability, and language has not only enhanced my leadership skills but also has given me clear direction and value on how to scale my business while focusing on purpose, not passion.

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Shaan is a master storyteller and weaves personal anecdotes into his presentations to drive home key points. His stories are relatable and provide attendees with concrete examples of how they can put the concepts he teaches into practice.

Direct Engagement

Shaan understands that authentic learning occurs when people apply the material. He, therefore, designs his presentations to encourage attendees to engage, execute, and evolve on the concepts he is teaching. This creates a highly interactive experience that leaves attendees feeling supported and motivated.

Evidence-Based Solutions

Shaan provides organizations with solutions that are evidence-based and have been proven to be effective. He gives attendees the research and data to back up his claims so they can feel confident in his teaching strategies.


Shaan uses various visual-assessment tools to help leaders gain insights into their authentic selves. These tools help leaders identify their strengths and weaknesses to focus on areas that need improvement.


After the presentation, Shaan continues his engagement with attendees by offering follow-up resources and support. He provides an action plan (ADSAP) to help attendees advance their communication through self-awareness.

Evidence-Based Assessments

Shaan uses a variety of evidence-based assessments to help leaders gain insights into their authentic selves. These tools help leaders identify their strengths and weaknesses to focus on areas that need improvement.




Shaan Rais holds two (2) Master's Degrees. One in Organizational Development & Change with a specialization in Evidence-based coaching and another (EdD) in Leadership and Change, specializing in Higher Educational Systems. He is also a successful Entrepreneur and a 2X International Best Selling Author. He leads a phenomenal group of professionals, executives, and entrepreneurs, The Leadership Leverage Executive Coaching Community. He coaches and has been certified in multiple disciplines such as Evidence Based Coaching, Closing High-End Sales, Organizational Consulting, and Personal and Professional Branding. 


Shaan is an active member of SIOP, SHRM, ATD, NSLS, and other professional and academic societies. Also, an active Alumni of Purdue & Walden Universities, currently enrolled in Fielding Graduate University, the ONLY higher educational institute accredited by the APA, and a leader in Leadership, Business Consulting, ICF Accredited Evidence Based Coaching, and Organizational Development in the world. 


Shaan has worked extensively with organizations utilizing a battery of psychometric instrumentation, personality assessments, and organizational health and resilience indicators to improve the self-awareness of CEOs, Managers, Leaders, Educators, and Key Executives.

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Types of Companies That Would Benefit From This Presentation:

How to Brand Yourself Like A Leader is best suited for entrepreneurs, athletes, aspiring CEOs, and Executive Leaders interested in building or sustaining a business resistant to economic changes. Influence marketing is necessary for anyone who wants a successful platform in the new economy. The days of faceless brands are over. Today's consumer demands connection, transparency, and relatability from the brands they support. Shaan's evidence-based approach and personal experience as an entrepreneur give him a unique perspective valuable to any organization supporting industry leaders and entrepreneurs. Here are some examples of the types of companies that would benefit from this presentation:

This presentation is perfect for:


Business Schools


Venture capitalist firms


Professional associations




Incubators/ accelerators

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