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Given my extensive speaking experience, I understand firsthand how tedious it can be to gather information related to speakers in preparation for an event.

Therefore, I have taken the initiative of clarifying, simplifying, and amplifying the process by putting together everything you would need in one conscious, convenient space. You will find information about me, publications that I have appeared in, a few testimonials from my clients, notable Organizations that I have worked with, past and future speaking engagements, trendy topics that I regularly make guest appearances for, as well as photos that can be used as content for promotion.

If at any time you feel as if you don’t have all of the relevant information that you need or there is something else I should have included on this page, then you can personally reach out to me at

It is my intention to serve you to the highest possible degree and I look forward to working with you, now and in the future.


I work with a countryman headset. I supply my own console but require you to supply the appropriate cable for the receiver.


See all approved images here.


Check out our FAQ section if you have questions about booking Shaan to speak at your next event.

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